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Friending: Terms of Agreement

By having this journal friended, I agree that I:

[ x ] am aware that this a personal journal of an actual person. Actual people have both good and bad days; I will allow this actual person to use their journal for the purposes of a journal:
- to post about random events in a day
- to whine and complain about the horrors of daily life
- to be mindlessly happy about mindless things
- to post random thoughts and/or musings
- to occasionally post polls, quizzes, and such things

[ x ] will not flame the owner of this journal for personal opinions stated in this journal.

[ x ] will not flame commenters of this journal for responding to personal opinions stated in this journal.

[ x ] will not share private entries, comments, etc ... expressed in this journal as I'd never want the same fate to befall myself in my personal journal.

[ x ] will be honest with the owner of this journal, and remove the owner from my own friends list if I get tired of reading the above mentioned contents of this journal.

[ x ] will not be a dickhead, asshat or any other such kind of person in regards to this journal and its owner. If I am, I give the journal's owner the right to de-friend me without explanation or bitchfest.

[ x ] will, if a problem occurs, never post an anon. comment in hopes to be cowardly and cruel to any post or comment made in this journal.

[ x ] will do everything I can to be nice to the pretty journal and its owner because we're friends, hence it being called a 'friendslist'.

[ x ] will, if already friended and I disagree with these terms, remove this journal from my friends list without hesitation or hard feelings.

(taken from [ profile] atomic_eyes with permission, and changed slightly to fit my wishes)
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